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Importance of warehouses

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Importance of warehouses Empty Importance of warehouses

Post  Baltax on Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:37 pm

"There is a point I never heard discussed and it seems to be forgotten...Warehouses.

Warehouses are very important, not only to provide you the necessary capacity to upgrade buildings, but also for war.

For those of you who have visited castles you will find huge warehouses hidden underground to store water and goods during a siege. In Ikariam it is similar. The difference is that you need to hold wine.

The unlootable side of the warehouse, can provide a breathing space necessary to hold a blockade. I consider important to have a "safehouse" big enough to protect your wine need for 10 hours (8h blockade + extra time you might need).

This goal might be hard to achieve, but remember population is what hold a sound economy to fund your military, thus it is the fuel of war. If you run out of wine, soon you will run out of fuel. Just imagine a tank during war without fuel....a sitting duck.

Hope this has been helpful,"

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