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alliance page / messaging. Empty alliance page / messaging.

Post  aestus on Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:57 am

I have a few things that I would like to request:

1) Our alliance page be updated with all the alliances we have peace treaties with. I hope that this list would be constantly updated. If you check the Sword alliance page, they have A-K listed as having a peace treaty with them, yet we do not have it listed on our page. Having an updated alliance page of all the current treaties will help prevent me unknowingly attacking cities belonging to Alliances we have treaties with.

2) We used to be able to message alliance members directly from the alliance page. This is no longer the case. This is becoming increasingly frustrating for me. Especially if I need to message novadale of possibly attacks, I cannot because I cannot message him directly from the alliance page. I don't know where his cities are at, so I cannot go to his city to message him, either. If I were to delete everything in my inbox, there would be absolutely NO WAY for me to message anybody in game.

I understand removing circulation messages from non officers, but regular members still need to be able to easily message each other through the alliance tab.

3) Um seriously, what is going on. No word for days and all of a sudden we're going to war with
DRGN. Then we supposedly have an alliance with TGG, but no confirmation and it's not listed on the alliance page. Then there's more days of silence and all of a sudden we're doing a joint attack with TGG against DRGN.

What I'm getting at is there's obviously lots of communication and planning between the officers, which is great. But there is nothing for members. There days of silence and then all of sudden we're told something at the last minute. Sometimes it feels like I'm playing a solo game until something happens and the officers panic and then we're all dragged into something we don't even know is happening or what's going on.

If you guys are planning something GIVE US FEEDBACK. Are we merging with another alliance? Is TGG officially allied with us?


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